Monday, February 22, 2010

Maria Sangria - To mix or not to mix ($9.99)

The first post...ohh the expectations and the potential impacts tat could reverberate throgh the entire blog. Or not.

The honest truth is the first wine I'm blogging is Madri Sangria. This sangria describes itself as a wine with a mix of citrus (lemon, lime orange.. the usual). It says:

"It pairs perfectly with family & friends, laughter and a delicious meal."

I don't know about the meal part, but I could definitely see this sangria on our patio on a hot Texas summer afternoon. The Citrus adds a nice light taste to the sweet red wine and comes just short of an almost syrupy taste. We had originally purchased Madria to mix in a recipe we found in the paper for a sumer drink, but I found it perfectly suitable with a glass of ice. It is light enough to pair with a meal, but I'm pretty confident that we'll be using this to escape from the sun and humidity that comes with Texas coastal weather.